CoolSculpting: A Safe and Non-invasive Fat Freezing Process

10Jun, 2019

Body contouring is the new trend of making corrections to your body through a medical procedure by eliminating excess fats from the body. This is achieved through surgical and non-surgical measures. As people are more health-conscious in recent days they are in favor of adopting non-surgical measures to maintain healthy body weight. Cool sculpting and lipo body contouring are such methods which are becoming popular with the people.

CoolSculpting Body Contouring is Free from Serious Side Effects

Surgical procedures create a lot of side effects in the body and the recovery takes longer. The benefit of nonsurgical measures is the absence of side effects and faster recovery. These nonsurgical methods are done using laser, radio frequency, ultrasound, cold fat freezing techniques.

CoolSculpting is such a fat freezing technology done using extremely cold temperature. Under this process, the targeted parts of the body where fats are deposited are subjected to cold temperature which causes the destruction of dead cells. The body slowly removes these dead cells.

There is a controversy surrounding this technique as extreme body temperature whether it is hot or cold cause significant harm to the body. So there is a doubt whether this cool sculpting method is safe or not. Or is there any hidden side effects causing serious harm to the individual undergoing this treatment?

All these questions would lead to only one answer. If you receive this treatment from a registered and experienced professional the possibility of skin burn would be less and negligible. Skin burn is the biggest fear associated with this therapy and this can be undermined by choosing a quality medical center for this purpose. So if you are planning to receive cool sculpting in NJ or any other place, you should find a qualified and experienced medical professional.

How it is Performed?

As part of the procedure, a specially prepared medically approved gel is applied to the targeted parts of the body. This gel pad is put for the safety of the skin and the neighboring tissues. Thus it prevents the applicator to come into direct contact with the skin.

This applicator is combined with a specially designed cool sculpting machine which through vacuum suction put pressure in the fat cells and controls the amount of cooling to be given to them.

During the procedure, constant monitoring will be done to keep a check on the temperature being administered on the skin through two technologies called CoolConnect and Freeze Detect. If they show the skin temperature is dropping the CoolSculpting machine will stop the procedure.

Some minor side effects such as irritation, mild bruising and redness may occur right after the procedure. Some mild numbness and a tingling sensation may occur. Some people experience firmness on the skin. All these symptoms will go away after a few days.

Concluding Remarks

During the treatment, you may feel some pulling and tugging sensation because of the applicator. You will be awake throughout the procedure. The treatment will take time depending on the number of areas being targeted. So it could be finished in a single visitor would take multiple visits. The duration of a session would be to 35 to 60 minutes.

Like Coolsculpting, lipo body contouring is also done in a noninvasive manner with the help of applying laser technology. So whatever fat reduction method you are adopting, make sure to get it done at a renowned medical center. This will help you obtain maximum benefit out of the procedure and together will rule the possibility of risk.

About The Author
Dr. Jonathan Spages, DC specializes in Functional Medicine and is uniquely skilled at working with the root physiological, bio-chemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with type II diabetes and hypothyroidism.