Lipo Treatment Procedures: Lose Weight the Easier Way

04Jul, 2019

Our life has gone through many lifestyle changes off late and the changes that occur show its impact on the body. Hectic life gives way to fast food, and our fascination for fast food takes us way beyond the concept of a healthy and balanced diet. Historically the humans lead a very balanced life and paid proper attention to their body, so they did not face the consequences as faced by today’s generation, owing to the negligence of proper and nutritious diet and adequate exercise. The most common and noticeable consequence about the people of the current generation is that their paunches are out and accumulation of unwanted fat here and there in the body.

Lipo Treatment

This has not everything to do with the junk and fried stuff that goes inside our body, but also due to the changes in work-cultures. In the past, most of the economies were agricultural or manufacturing based economies that needed a good amount of manual labor. But now, as we are living in a more developed and scientific world, most of the work requiring hard labor are assigned to machines and humans have to just sit on a couch and monitor the mechanized work. It can be easily said that, in the era of machines, the manual labor which was pretty extensive at a point of time, has become minimal.

Because of the changing time, no one wants a job having hard manual labor because the policies are such that, white collar jobs have more reputation and remuneration than jobs which are based on the physical skills. Nowadays everyone is a looking for a white-collar job as a means of earning because firstly it has all to do with brains and not bodies and secondly, it is regarded as a thing of high intellect and status.

As it is said that, nothing comes for free in this world and everything has a cost. Where the modern world has given us many luxuries, it has pushed health to the back seat. Now people are in search of methods to shed excess fat.

Cool Sculpting: A Fat Freezing Technology

Cool Sculpting NJ

Cool Sculpting is such a fat freezing technology which is done in extremely cold temperature. In this process, the targeted parts of the body which have accumulated fat are subjected to cold temperature, causing the destruction of dead cells. These dead cells are slowly removed by the body. There is a doubt regarding this method, is it completely safe because extreme conditions can have daunting effects on our body.

These questions are valid. If this treatment is done by a qualified and adept medical professional, the chances of skin burn would be few and far between. Skin burn is the biggest concern of this treatment and this can be minimized by choosing a quality medical center. So if you are planning for cool sculpting in NJ or any other place, you should make the right choice.

While this procedure is carried out, there would be constant monitoring of the temperatures on the skin through two technologies called Cool Connect and Freeze Detect. If they show a constant drop in temperatures, the cool sculpting process would be halted then and there.

Irritation, mild bruising and redness may occur as minor side-effects post treatment but all these would be gone within a few days.

The time duration of the treatment would vary, depending upon the number of areas that would be targeted. So it can be a single visit or multiple visits and the duration of the session would be 35-60 minutes.

Just like cool sculpting, lipo body contouring procedure is also done in a noninvasive manner with the help of applying laser technology. So whichever method is chosen by you for weight-loss treatment, just be sure that it is from a reputed physician and health center to achieve the best results.

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Dr. Jonathan Spages, DC specializes in Functional Medicine and is uniquely skilled at working with the root physiological, bio-chemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with type II diabetes and hypothyroidism.