How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally?

how to reverse diabetes naturally
29Jul, 2019

Those who have diabetes can reverse their diabetes naturally by taking some important steps. Instead of affecting your health, it’s better to look for some ways to reverse diabetes. Majority of people think that there’s no solution to get rid of it completely. This is not true! Might be you are wondering how to reverse diabetes naturally! Go through this blog to know about the strategies for the same.

Let’s Discuss Some Facts to Reverse Diabetes Naturally-

Exercise Daily

Doing regular exercise has the power to enhance your wellbeing. In addition to this, it can also regulate the levels of your blood sugar. There’s no need to visit the gym; walking for 30 minutes can manage diabetes symptoms to a great extent. Stretching exercises and yoga can also do wonders on your entire health.

Control Your Stress

Chronic stress is responsible for severe health issues and stress hormones can increase inflammatory cytokines which is the main reason for diabetes. When a person is suffering from high levels of stress, then they start overeating which can also result in severe health issues. It’s better to control the levels of your stress by doing yoga, meditation, going for a brisk walk, and so on. Lavender- an essential oil can also reduce levels of stress.

Get the Right Nutrients

Consuming whole food on a regular basis is an ideal means to reverse diabetes. Eating different fruits and green vegetables can reduce inflammation and can also control blood sugar which is good for health only.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid: This antioxidant can enhance insulin sensitivity as well as can reduce diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

Magnesium-Rich Foods: Magnesium can control levels of blood sugar and consuming foods high in magnesium like chard, spinach, yogurt, black beans, pumpkin seeds can improve symptoms of diabetes.

Herbal and Dietary Supplements

Consuming foods that can manage levels of blood glucose can help diabetic patients.

Cinnamon: It’s perfect for reducing levels of fasting glucose and bad cholesterol.

Bitter Melon: According to research, it has been found that extracts of bitter melon can reduce diabetes symptoms to a great extent.

Turmeric: This is another supplement that you can take either in capsule, tincture, powdered form. It can lower down the inflammation levels in the body too.

Avoid Gluten and Dairy

Grains that contain gluten such as wheat can be the reason for high inflammation levels. If you consume grains that contain gluten, then ensure they are completely organic. Now when it comes to dairy you know they contain saturated fat and can increase levels of blood sugar. Also, the protein found in dairy can harm the complete body. There are numerous dairy alternatives that you can choose such as yogurts, plant-based milk, cheeses and so on.

Top foods to treat diabetes

  • MCFA’s present in coconut can balance levels of blood sugar.
  • Consume foods low in glycemic which includes vegetables, avocados, nuts, eggs, seeds and much more.
  • Sprinkling herbs such as parsley and turmeric can balance levels of blood sugar.

Wrap Up

Diabetes, if left untreated for a long time can increase the chances of heart disease, kidney problems, stroke, nerve damage and so on. By finding the solution to treat it as early as possible can prevent the condition from becoming worse. Follow the above-given strategies to reverse diabetes naturally as it will benefit you only.

About The Author
Dr. Jonathan Spages, DC specializes in Functional Medicine and is uniquely skilled at working with the root physiological, bio-chemical, and hormonal imbalances associated with type II diabetes and hypothyroidism.


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